Finding Your True North | Faith Map

Message Date

December 5, 2021


pastor armando

Fusion Church / Fusion Church NY / Fusion Church Fishkill

Series: Finding Your True North

Part: 1


Feeling lost, alone, overwhelmed?  Are you searching for meaning, for truth, for direction? Life is an adventure in many ways, but as with any journey, you need a guide to help you navigate the paths, twists, turns, and uncertainties you might encounter.  How do we get through the obstacles and find our way? Just as a compass guides a traveler by constantly pointing in the right direction, we too can have something that can lead us toward the right path.  That right direction is towards Jesus.  He is the constant, unchanging source of truth and life.  Jesus is the True North.  Join us starting December 5th as we discover what it means to find our TRUE NORTH.

Main Scripture:

Matthew 2:1-12; Ecclesiastes 2:25-26; Luke 1:31:38

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