Seven Churches of Revelation – Part 2

Message Date

March 20, 2022


pastor armando

Fusion Church / Fusion Church NY / Fusion Church Fishkill

Series: Seven Churches of Revelation

Part: 2


Join us and discover how the bible says and how it is still relevant in a culture that is increasingly hostile to the Christian faith. Is God still speaking? Of course, He is. The real question is: Are we listening? Imagine if our church received a letter from Jesus Himself. What would He say about our love for God? Endurance in trials? Faithful service? Would His words bring commendation… or condemnation? We do, in fact, have such a letter. In Revelation, the last book of the Bible, Jesus’ words to 7 churches are as relevant & today as they were in the 1st century. Jesus sent these letters to prepare his church for what is ahead.

This topic is more relevant today than ever. In a world rattled with division, war, plague, and fear we can learn how Jesus wants to equip us.

Main Scripture:

Revelation 1; 2; 3

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