We can do better! We must do better!

Armando Palazzo

Armando Palazzo

Let me take a moment and encourage each of you!

God is still with you in the unknown seasons of life!

Keep your heads up and let’s continue to move forward in faith. Our world is so very divided now on so many levels but we, the Church of Jesus, does not have to be.

Ephesians 4:1-3 urges us to:

“… live a life worthy of the calling you have received.

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

Historically, it is sad to note that the Church at large is often just as divided as the rest of society (the world) is on an array of issues and statistically not much different in behavior either.  

We can do better! We must do better!

We are called of God to do better and are empowered by the Holy Spirit. Let’s have a victorious “can do” attitude and give the world something they need and are looking for. That is hope, love, service, kindness, grace, mercy, and understanding even when we agree to disagree.

It’s ok to disagree on things. It’s ok for others to not agree with you on things, while still maintaining a heart of unity. A heart of unity looks like; “we may disagree, but we won’t let that get in the way of our love and devotion to one another.”

Church! Now is our time to shine and give the world something they don’t often see. Let’s shine the life and personhood of Jesus. Let’s unite as a church under the flag of Jesus’ name. He is our banner!

Let’s find our identity in His personhood.

We are ambassadors of Christ. May our misguided devotion to the wrong things not steal from us our testimony and hope. Let’s now shine the name of Jesus, the only name worthy of our devotion. Which defines our identity? Christ, or the values and the agendas of the parties?

This is a time for a realignment with kingdom values, over worldly and political values. Are we Christians before democrat or republican? Or, are we our political party before we are Jesus followers?

Our behavior always exposes our hearts. This is a time to realign ourselves with the values defined by Christ and his life. Christians on both sides don’t storm capitals, damage property, or hurt people. They pray, serve, love, vote, and lead.

Whose side are we on, anyway?

There are no sides politically; it’s either Jesus and the life of Christ, or selfish ambition. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life; that’s what the kingdom of men brings about,  ALWAYS!

My Bible tells me believers are foreigners in this land. We are citizens of another kingdom. 

Pray about this and let’s ask God to show us what’s in our hearts and a better way. Only a radical return to Jesus and a realignment beyond our words alone, is what it will take to turn things around in our lives, relationships, and country.

Be strong, steadfast, and focused! Be in it to win it!

Don’t look to the left or right, let’s keep our eyes focused on the prize. May we be consumed with God’s heart and agenda and not that which seduces us!  We can, because He was victorious!

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