Small Groups


February 20th — April 15th

Going Deeper Bible Study

Leader: Pastor Angel Maldonado

Time: Mondays @7PM

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Open to all

Subject: I and II Timothy

Dive into the Bible like never before. Explore the Word of God like you always wanted to. Discover truth, mystery, and what you need to know to fulfill your faith journey. Join us as we journey through the books of I & II Timothy and explore all that God is trying to show us

Women's Bible Study

Leader: Jo Marie Palazzo

Time: Tuesdays @6:30-8PM

Location: Church Office in Fishkill, NY

Subject: Book of Ruth and Book of Habakkuk

The Book of Ruth shows God’s grace in the midst of difficult circumstances.  Even in times of crisis and deepest despair, there are those who follow God and through whom God works.  Ruth’s story will encourage us that God is at work in the world and He wants to use us for a great purpose.

Together we will also discover how the Book of Habbakuk shows that God is still in control of the world despite the difficulties and evil in this world.

Men's Group

Leaders: Luis Alvarez & Mark Bonilla

Time: Wednesdays @ 6:30P

Location: Church office in Fishkill, NY

Book: Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio

How do we overcome those battles in our lives that we always seems to be fighting?  It’s not God’s plan for you to live with some big giant standing in the middle of your life demoralizing you day after day and diminishing God’s glory, robbing God’s glory in your life.  It’s never been more important that we understand  that our freedom and God’s glory are forever interwoven into one story.  God does want us to live free.  He wants us to recognize that He’s already killed the giant.

Girls With Swords Women's Group

Leader: Esther Ramirez

Time: Thursdays @ 7PM

Location: Virtual on Facebook Live & Instagram Live

Topic: “I Am That Woman”

When you look in the mirror do you sometimes wonder who ‘she’ is?  Who is she? Why is she like that?  What does this woman truly want?  Let’s talk and together find the truth by visiting the women of the bible that inspired us.

Fuze Youth Group

Leader: Pastor David and Erica Freitas

Time: Every other Thursday @ 7PM

Location: Church Office in Fishkill, NY

Fresh Start!

Fresh Start is designed to help students understand that Christ offers them a fresh start.  We will take students deeper into what it looks like to exprerience and live out the new perspective we receive as Christ followers

Grief Support "Battle To Win"

Leader:  Lisa White

Time:  Fridays @ 7PM

Location: Church Office in Fishkill, NY

Book: Battle To Win by Armando Palazzo

Are you suffering?  Struggling with grief?  Are you saddened with loss of a career, financial ruin, sickness, betrayal, or unfilled dreams?  Each person processes and expresses grief in their own individual way, yet there is comfort and power in understanding that we are not alone.  Battle to Win devotional reminds us that Jesus made it out of the desert and so will we.  Let’s search together and find our way closer to God’s comforting promises.

Young Adults Group

Leader: Megan Grullard

Time: Monthly on a Tuesday @7PM via Zoom

Book:  Welcome to Adulting.  (Navigating Faith,  Friendship, Finances, and the Future)

Adulting is hard.  But sometimes we make it harder than it has to be.  With insights from the Bible, lets discover how to navigate life as an adult, addressing topics such as

  • friendships and dating
  • career & money management
  • interpersonal conflict
  • controlling anxiety
  • recovering from addiction
  • discovering your purpose

Kidz and Family Corner

Leaders: Veronica Scianna & Dahiana Ramos

Time: Saturdays @9:30AM

Location:  Virtual via Zoom

Fusion Family Breakfast Bible Talk!

Parents and children join us every Saturday Morning @ 9:30am for a virtual breakfast, bible fun, and barrels of laughs as your entire family grows closer to God together!

Truths for Parents of Children with Autism

Leader:  Aileen Grullard

Time: Fridays @ 7PM via Zoom

Book: Ten Truths for Parents of Kids with Autism by Colleen Swindoll-Thompson

You are not alone.  This is an amazing opportunity to share, bond, and spend much needed time with adults, other parents who can relate.  We will meet via Zoom on Fridays @ 7PM.  We will also plan an in-person outing or two.  We have so much we can learn from each other.


At Fusion Church we believe that if you want to grow your relationship with Jesus Christ, you need to have intentional relationships with people who have the same goal —joining a Fusion Small Group is the ideal way to do that!

Groups meet in person, online via Zoom, or a hybrid of both to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships. You’ll be encouraged to live out the truths you discover in the Bible and experience care and prayer in a safe, authentic community.

Groups have 3 main ingredients that we call the ABCs:


We take what we learn on Sunday in church and apply it to our daily lives when we meet in Groups. Think of it this way – what we discover in ROWS…we discuss in CIRCLES! Studying God’s Word, wrestling with the text, and applying it to our lives is done best in community.


Groups are designed to be open and safe environments where you can be vulnerable. In a Group, you can both give and receive loving care and prayer for the trials of life. The Bible calls us to “love one another” and that’s what we do in Groups!


We’re all trying to find our “new normal,” however, we still want our groups to continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. While we might not be doing our normal routine of getting “out the seats and into the streets,” there are still opportunities to serve as a group. We can share stories and care concerns with our group members, and get creative in how we care remotely for our community. We can call to check-in with our neighbors, and share resources. We can still stop and pray for those in need. Let’s learn together what it means to serve one another in this new time of “social distancing.”