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Thank you for your interest in Small Groups! During this time of COVID-19, groups are both in person or online via Zoom or Google Meet. Small groups are the ideal place to grow in your relationship with Jesus and build intentional community at Fusion Church.

We have groups for

  • Men
  • Women
  • Kids
  • Youth (Middle School & High School)
  • Going Deeper Bible Study
  • Special Interest Groups

Scroll down to check out the different groups we have for this semester and join today!


At Fusion Church we believe that if you want to grow your relationship with Jesus Christ, you need to have intentional relationships with people who have the same goal —joining a Fusion Small Group is the ideal way to do that!

We have groups for Kids, Youth, Men, and Women and Bible Study. Click on the sign up link to find more information on the different groups.

During this new season, groups will be meeting virtually via zoom or in person to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships. You’ll be encouraged to live out the truths you discover in the Bible and experience care and prayer in a safe, authentic community.

Groups have 3 main ingredients that we call the ABCs:


We take what we learn on Sunday in church and apply it to our daily lives when we meet in Groups. Think of it this way – what we discover in ROWS…we discuss in CIRCLES! Studying God’s Word, wrestling with the text, and applying it to our lives is done best in community.


Groups are designed to be open and safe environments where you can be vulnerable. In a Group, you can both give and receive loving care and prayer for the trials of life. The Bible calls us to “love one another” and that’s what we do in Groups!


We’re all trying to find our “new normal,” however, we still want our groups to continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. While we might not be doing our normal routine of getting “out the seats and into the streets,” there are still opportunities to serve as a group. We can share stories and care concerns with our group members, and get creative in how we care remotely for our community. We can call to check-in with our neighbors, and share resources. We can still stop and pray for those in need. Let’s learn together what it means to serve one another in this new time of “social distancing.”





Semester Dates:  February 7th -March 31

Below you will find a list of the available Small Groups and their description. Once you decide to join a group, click the link below the group you would like to join to sign up.


 Going Deeper Bible Study Mondays @ 7PM

Zoom Virtual Meeting

Leader: Pastor Angel Maldonado 

This will be a time of discovery, discussion, and application with our weekly reading.  Dive into the Bible like never before. Explore the Word of God like you always wanted to. Discover truth, mystery, and what you need to know to fulfill your faith journey.

In studying 2nd Corinthians this semester we will be learning about

  • Paul’s Defense of His Ministry as an Apostle (1:1–7:16)
  • Paul’s Appeal to the Repentant Church Regarding the Collection (8:1–9:15)
  • Paul’s Appeal to the Rebellious Minority in Corinth (10:1–13:10)
  • Closing Greetings (13:11–14)


BOOK OF ROMANS  Wednesdays @ 6:30p-7:30p 

Zoom Virtual Meeting

Leaders: Victor Fernandez and Jerry Blanco

Book: Life Lessons from         Romans:God’s Big Picture          by Max Lucado

Men, join us as we dive into the Book of Romans. Have you ever headed in the wrong direction? Made a wrong choice? What about choices that affect everyday decisions in life — choices that take you further away from your goals, your dreams, and your loving savior? Of course. We’veall made poor choices. The early Church did too. They were often side-tracked by pride and distracted by pleasures. In Paul’s letter to the Romans he reviews the wrong turns the Church was making. But he doesn’t stop there. He gives them the big picture and shows the one correct solution to help them stop making wrong choices–Jesus Christ. Because even though all have sinned, Jesus is waiting to restore all to grace.


         Wednesdays @ 6:30P          ZOOM Virtual Meeting

Open to everyone

Leader: Pastor Armando Palazzo

Book: Emotional Healthy                              Spirituality                           by Pete Scazzero

Has life been hard lately? Are you struggling with anxiety, negative thinking, maybe feeling a littledown and out?

Join us in our emotionally healthy spirituality small group. Together we will discover how to face the things that hurt us and live in the emotionally and spiritually healthy life God intends


Women of the Bible

Wednesdays at 7:30PM 

ZOOM Virtual Meeting

Leader: Jo Marie Palazzo

Ladies, join us as we look at the spiritual lessons learned from twelve biblical women and what they mean for your life today. You’ll learn about the triumphs and failures of Mary Magdalene, Rebekah, Hannah, and nine other women, studying their lives and learning how to: Apply biblical lessonsto their own modern-day struggles- Live through their failures as well as successes. Draw near to God in a world filled with trials.  Find lasting contentment- Overcome rejection and insecurity and much more. Each of the 12 sessions focuses on one biblical character (Rebekah, Abigail,Hannah, Gomer, Leah, Mary Magdalene, Mary of Bethany, Martha, The Woman at the Well, Mary the mother of Jesus, and The Syrophoenecian Woman). You’ll also discover lessons from each of these women that will help youpersevere through the circumstances you are facing today. There will be a short video with each woman. The participant Guide features discussion questions, background information on each character, space to write down thoughts, a helpful Leader’s Guide, and much more.


 Girls with Swords  

   “ Becoming the Warrior”  

Thursdays at 7PM

Facebook Live

Leader: Esther Ramirez

Semester Bible Verse : Psalm 144:1 New King James Version Blessed be the Lord my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle— When a woman has to fight! Many of us are enduring moments of hardship, struggles and battles.  Some battles are so great we find ourselves hiding in the closet and running for cover .  We have no strength. The battles seem so big. We fear and cannot face the battle.  The battle presented itself and it rattled you and it caused the fighter within to lower their sword and shield.  You are not alone daughter of the Most High God.  This semester we will confront and conquer together.  We will face our battles, the scariest and hardest ones . We will lock hands and enter this journey together!  

WE ARE MORE THAN        CONQUERORS!            Questions to think on :

1. What is the fight that has presented itself?

2. Who are you fighting and why? 

3. How will you fight?

We will journey with these women of the Bible:       

Esther – abandoned all to fight for her people   (the book of Esther)

Abigail – when you need to fight for your home/husband                 (1 Samuel 25)                              

The Women in Solomon’s Court – the fight from within your home (1 King 3:16-28)


               MONDAYS @ 7PM               Google Meet

Leader: Yashira Maldonado

Have a co-worker, friend, or family member that speaks SPANISH?

We are excited to introduce our first small group EN ESPANOL.  Check out what the group is all  about…

Want to start reading the bible but don’t know where to start? START HERE!

We are excited to have you join and grow together. We will be learning how to read and apply the scriptures, living out God’s promises and commandments every day.

Over the next few weeks we are going to dive into the Gospels, tracking Jesus’ story, reflecting and discussing the gems of the first books of the New Testament. 


Saturdays @ 11AM

ZOOM virtual meeting

Leader: Liana Rivers

Interested in understanding all about spiritual nutrition and how we don’t live by bread alone? We will learn the importance of eating healthy,  maintaining a healthy attitude and how it helps to promote excellent spiritual health.


Middle School and

High School

Every Other Thursday 7p-8p (in person)

Church Office in Fishkill

Leaders: Pastor David & Erica Freitas

 Fuze is Fusion Church’s youth group for middle school and high school. Our goal is to help students find God, grow their faith, and discover their purpose. Our next series will be called BASIC. We will be discussing some basic questions about God, religion, and the Bible. As always we incorporate some games, fun, and food.



Kids and Family Corner

Saturdays @ 9:30AM

Leaders: Veronica Scianna &

Dahiana Ramos

 Fusion Family Breakfast Bible Talk! 

Parents and children join us every   

Saturday Morning @ 9:30am


virtual breakfast,

bible fun,

and barrels of laughs

as your entire family grows closer to God together!